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Complete Response of Gefitinib in Pulmonary Recurrence after Pneumonectomy in Patient with NSCLC: A Case ReportProf. Maher S. Saifo
Marah F. Ibrahim
Alissar Y Almahayni
Faculty of Pharmacy2022-06-07Download      Download
Eyeing up the pandemic: A literature review of the ocular manifestations of COVID-19Dr. Khaled Alhomsi
Ali Mardini
Seemal Maqsood AbdulQadir
Faculty of Medicine2022-06-05Download      Download
Evaluating the Experience of Electronic Accounting Education From The Students Point of View: A Field Study in Damascus UniversityDr. Mouna Farhat
Faculty of Administrative Sciences2022-05-31Download      Download
Gaussian Pyramid for Nonlinear Support Vector MachineProf. George Karraz
Rawan Abo Zidan
Faculty of Informatics Engineering2022-05-30Download      Download
Evaluation of Freeze-Drying Process of Aqueous Bovine Serum Albumin DispersionsDr. Bassel Hussein
Faculty of Pharmacy2022-05-25Download      Download
Vaccination Against SARS-CoV-2: Efficacy and Side EffectsYahya Elshimali
Lama Al Haushey
Faculty of Pharmacy2022-05-22Download      Download
Literary Harm Jurisprudence And LegislationDr. Asala Keywan
Faculty of Law2022-05-18Download      Download
Characterization of pasteurized milk in the near infrared range for construction of tissue-mimicking optical phantomsDr. WESAM BACHIR
Rewa khir
Faculty of Pharmacy2022-05-05Download      Download
Influence of pulse duration and water/air cooling ratio on theefficiency of Er:YAG 2940 nm laser in debonding of porcelainlaminate veneers: An in vitro studyDr. Mouhannad Albalkhi
Dr. Omar Hamadah
Faculty of Dentistry2022-04-28Download      Download
Important Neutrosophic rules for Decision-making in the case of Uncertain DataDr. Maissam Ahmed Jdid
Dr. Basel Shahin
Fatima Al Suleiman
Faculty of Informatics Engineering2022-04-26Download      Download

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