Rector's speech

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By the beginning of the academic year 2013/2014, ASPU started to receive its students in three faculties as soon as it was licensed under Legislative Decree No. 97 dated 28/7/2011. Since then the university has expanded its infrastructure to secure all requirements of the educational process. The expansion was accompanied by opening new specializations, so that number of faculties tolled seven, including ten undergraduate degree programs.

 A branch of ASPU was opened in Lattakia governorate including four faculties.

Since its establishment in 2011,  ASPU has flourished and progressed significantly and attained scientific, research and institutional achievements, that enabled  it to be an effective partner in the higher education system, and to be among the leading private universities in Syria

Since its inception, ASPU has sought to contribute to the national efforts to improve the quality of university education, and to ensure an appropriate university environment that enhances the freedom of the hardworking student in learning, creativity, leadership and excellence, because the student is the focus of the educational process and the utmost attention of the educational and administrative staff . Eventually, we constantly strive to achieve basic tasks assigned to the university, reflected in education, scientific research, and community service.

Moreover, ASPU  is proud of maintaining  close relationship with the public and private sectors, and with many universities, research centers, organizations and associations , by virtue of  concluding  memoranda of understanding and cooperation agreements for the  benefit of its students, faculty members, in order to meet  aspirations of graduates in various sectors of society and in the labor market.

ASPU is of a national spirit par excellence, because we are aware of our responsibility to promote the culture and identity of the Syrian Arab society. A matter which supports and strengthens the state’s vision to development and modernization. A task which is attained in cooperation with the National Union of Syrian Students, by providing full attention to national, social and cultural activities aimed at developing a sense of loyalty and belonging and enhancing Arab values ??and identity.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your interest in ASPU and your access to its website.

 On behalf of all my colleagues, esteemed faculty members, and administrative and technical workers, who are  loyal to the university, I warmly welcome everyone who wishes to visit and enroll for study or work in it.

May God almighty helps and guides us on the paths to success

President of Al-Sham Private University

Dr. Sharif Al-Ashkar