Quality Policy of Al-Sham Private University

in Accordance with the International Standard

ISO 9001/2015

Based on its pursuit for excellence, in support of its objectives, and believing in the importance of quality to improve its performance,  Al-Sham  Private University has taken the responsibility to implement and activate the quality system, evaluate the performance, and eliminate all obstacles for achieving this goal. It is also committed to improve and maintain this system in all its activities to meet the needs of its beneficiaries.

The University has received its  certification  in: ISO 9001: 2015. The responsibility for the implementation of the quality management system and compliance with its terms, lies on all central administration staff and other responsibility centers.

In implementation of this system, the University has set itself the following tasks:

• Commitment for solidifying the  concepts and objectives of quality performance and disseminating quality culture wherever in the university with all interested parties and partners. It is committed to training all its human resources to carry out this task.

• Setting measurable goals that are consistent with the vision and objectives of the university presidency.

• Commitment for developing and improving quality activities continuously, in all departments of the university and its branches, and investing the university resources to optimize investment, aiming to achieve the desired improvement.

• Stimulating the knowledge, skills and good behavior of employees, and providing training and development necessary for them to reach the highest levels of performance.

• Measuring and evaluating the performance of the central administration and other departments.

• Meeting the needs of the beneficiaries of the University's services, and striving to make them available  better than expected.

• Providing an appropriate working environment, activating the principle of participation, cooperation, and teamwork, and contributing effectively to achieve the quality of institutional performance.

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