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Epidemiology of COVID-19 in the most pandemic Countries: A review articleYahya Elshimali
Yahia M. Moualla
Sally M. Shahoud
Loay A.Belal
Batoul S. Mohammad
Nadima M. Mustafa
Ola A. Souliman
Faculty of Pharmacy2021-01-27Download      Download
Honor crimes according to the amendments to the Syrian Penal CodeDr. Asala Keywan
Faculty of Law2021-01-31Download      Download
Advances in Epidemic Control Laws & COVID-19 Pandemic in India: A Medico-Legal AnalysisM.Z.M. Nomani
Faisal Sherwani
Faculty of Law2021-02-04Download      Download
Second derivative diffuse reflectance spectroscopy for estimating tissue hypoxiaDr. WESAM BACHIR
Dr. Omar Hamadah
Faculty of Dentistry2021-02-14Download      Download
The Importance Of State Work In The Judicial FunctionDr. Asala Keywan
Faculty of Law2021-02-21Download      Download
Study of Cataract Types and Their Effect on Visual Acuity in a Group of Syrian PopulationDr. Khaled Alhomsi
Faculty of Pharmacy2021-03-02Download      Download
Evaluating The Level Of Disclosure And Transparency In The Annual Reports Of Companies Listed On The Damascus Securities ExchangeDr. Shadi Ahmad Zahrah
Faculty of Administrative Sciences2021-03-07Download      Download
Optical investigation of bovine grey and white matters in visible and near-infrared rangesDr. WESAM BACHIR
Ali Shahin
Moustafa Sayem El-Daher
Faculty of Engineering2021-03-11Download      Download
Environment Impact Assessment Draft Notification 2020: An Eco-Legal AssessmentDr. Jalal Allail
M.Z.M. Nomani
Mohammad Rauf
Faculty of Law2021-03-31Download      Download
The Study Of Effects Of Dealing With Paper Monetary And Change To Electronic Cards On The Syrian EconomyDr. Adnan Ismail
Faculty of Administrative Sciences2021-05-09Download      Download

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