Dr. George Karraz

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  • 2007 PhD    University of Pavia-Italy, Artificial Intelligence.

  • 2001 Diploma of High Studies – University of Damascus-Syria, Biomedical Engineering.

  • 2000 BS  University of Damascus-Syria, Biomedical Engineering.


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  • 2022-now Faculty Member - Faculty of Informatics Engineering at Al-Sham Private University

  • 2018-2022 Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Al-Sham Private University.

  • 2015-2018  Head of Artificial Intelligence Department - Faculty of Informatics Engineering - Damascus University.

  • 2016-2018 Consultant of University Rector, AL-Rasheed Private University.

  • 2009-2011 EEG Signal Automatic Analysis, Brain Researches Center, Damascus, Syria.

  • 2007-2010 Head of Medical Information Systems Committee, Health Sector Modernization Project, Ministry of Health, Syria.

  • Teaching Experience:

  • 2018-Now  Al-Sham Private University - Faculty of Engineering - Department of Informatics.

  • 2010-Now  Syrian Virtual University - BIT & MWS Programs.

  • 2009-Now  Damascus University - Faculty of Information Technology Engineering - Department of Artificial Intelligence.

  • 2015-2016  Syrian Private University - Faculty of Informatics & Computer Engineering.

  • 2013-2015  Arab International Private University - Faculty of Informatics.

  • 2012-2013  Yarmouk Private University - Faculty of Informatics.


An Intelligent System to Analyze the Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging fMRIFaculty of Engineering2023-01-01Download      Download
Gaussian Pyramid for Nonlinear Support Vector MachineFaculty of Engineering2022-05-30Download      Download
Effect of Adaptive Line Enhancement Filters on Noise Cancellation in ECG SignalsFaculty of Engineering2021-10-02Download      Download
The Effect of Health Information Systems on the Administrative and Medical Performance in the Higher Educational Ministry HospitalsFaculty of Engineering2021-09-20Download
A Sensitive Fiber Optic Probe for Auto Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Oral Tongue Cancer: Monte Carlo Simulation StudyFaculty of Engineering2020-06-02Download      Download
Effect of absorption and scattering on fluorescence of buried tumoursFaculty of Engineering2020-05-01Download      Download
Effectiveness of cloud computing in EducationFaculty of Engineering2019-05-30Download      Download
A Novel Technique to Predict and Detect Lung Cancer in the Computerized Tomography ImagesFaculty of Engineering2019-04-24Download
Intelligent System to Reduce Size and Time of Video DisplayFaculty of Engineering2019-01-23Download
Automatic Classification of Heartbeats using Neural Network Classifier based on a Bayesian FrameworkFaculty of Engineering2019-01-21Download