We welcome you to the official page of the university Scientific Research Council, hoping that you will find in it all the information that interests you in the field of scientific issues and scientific research, including composing books for university courses and publishing scientific researches.

The University's Scientific Research Council was formed by decision of the  Board of Trustees Resolution No. 240/17 dated 27/7/2019  provided to undertake efforts  to achieve the university’s mission related to scientific research and implement the policy set for that, in line with national strategies related to scientific research and the organization, sponsorship and encouragement of scientific research in the various faculties and the creation of the proper environment by providing all facilities and incentives to faculty members, researchers and even our dear students.

The university presidency has been keen to sign memoranda and scientific and technical agreements with educational institutions, public bodies and outstanding governmental hospital in order to create an environment conducive to scientific research.

Our beloved colleagues and students: We, at the Al-Sham Private University, are determined to give scientific research, within the available capabilities and exceptional circumstances that we are experiencing, all attention and care because it forms the main basis for the university’s progress and makes it occupy higher positions among local and international universities.

In conclusion: We wish you all , progress, and excellence in a creative university environment.


Chairman of the University's Scientific Research Council

 Prof. Sharif Al-Ashkar 


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