Human Resources Directorate

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The Directorate of Human Resources aims to develop the performance of employees by attracting elite cadres and people with diverse experiences, while continuing its work on the sustainable development of its cadres by providing various training courses, as well as working to develop the career path of its employees, providing high-quality services, and ensuring  and enhancing an environment conducive to the well-being of employees, and cadres   of the educational and administrative body.

The Human Resources Directorate consists of the following departments:

  • Payroll and Compensation department
  • Planning and Employment department
  •  Evaluation and Training department

It undertakes the following tasks:

  • Preparing the annual plan for human resources in all organizational units of the university.
  • Follow-up analysis and despan style='display: none'; ion of jobs in all organizational units of the university.
  • Following up the preparation of human resources development plans.
  • Develop and maintain constructive and collaborative working relationships with others over time.
  • Proposing the functional and organizational structure of the university and following up their development in accordance with the requirements of the university.
  • Proposing and amending the salary scale for all positions in the university and determining the salaries of employees accordingly.
  • Recruitment of workers for organizational units after conducting interviews (by focusing on the applicants’ experiences, academic qualifications and necessary skills during job interviews) and duly completing appointment procedures and following up on all decisions related to them such as recruitment, interviews, selection and appointment (based on the required criteria and the extent to which qualifications match), promotion and transfer resignation and other related matters  in accordance with the regulations in force at the university.
  • Follow-up procedures for the equalization of faculty members in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  • Monitoring the organization and integrity of the contracts of faculty members, educational and technical staff, and administrative workers.
  • Follow up on the registration of workers in the insurance and their registration in the health insurance and their obtaining the health insurance cards and the job card.
  • Definition of workers applying for work on job details such as rights and duties.
  • Instruct, direct and motivate subordinate employees.
  • Determining standards, monitoring and evaluating performance, analyzing their results, submitting the necessary proposals regarding them, and preparing correspondence related to them.
  • Training and developing employees by identifying their developmental needs and defining the necessary training programs, while evaluating the effectiveness of the implemented programs to raise their level and improve their results.
  •  Interest in supervising relations between employees and striving to disseminate  the spirit of work within the team.
  •  Follow-up of employees in terms of applying the principles of teamwork, quality, and environmental protection.
  • Proposing social and sports programs for university employees.
  • Follow up the preparation of performance reports in all organizational units of  the university.

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