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Herding behavior and financial market price behavior under the COVID-19 pandemic: implications for the Amman Stock ExchangeDr. Raneem Ghazi Aldeki
Faculty of Administrative Sciences2022-04-25Download      Download
Neutrosophical dynamic programmingDr. Maissam Ahmed Jdid
Rafif Alhabib
Faculty of Engineering2022-04-23Download      Download
Recent Methods in Cancer Treatment and DiagnosisDr. Bassel Hussein
Zainab Zaher
Hanaa Shammout
Faculty of Pharmacy2022-04-03Download      Download
The Effect Of The Efficiency Of Murabaha Financing On The Financial Performance Of Islamic BanksDr. Anas Hisham Almamlok
Faculty of Administrative Sciences2022-04-02Download      Download
The Neutrosophic Treatment of the Static Model for the Inventory Management with Safety ReserveDr. Maissam Ahmed Jdid
Rafif Alhabib
A. A. Salama
Huda E. Khalid
Faculty of Engineering2022-03-24Download      Download
Oral Manifestations Associated with COVID-19- Statically study In DamascusDr. Rania Othman
Faculty of Dentistry2022-03-24Download      Download
Mysterious Neutrosophic Linear ModelsDr. Maissam Ahmed Jdid
Huda E. Khalid
Faculty of Engineering2022-03-21Download      Download
The Role of Knowledge Capital Development in the Effectiveness of Stra-tegic Information Systems A Field Study in the Telecom Company-SyriatelDr. Kinda Deeb
Faculty of Administrative Sciences2022-03-15Download      Download
Fundamentals of Neutrosophical Simulation for Generating Random Numbers Associated with Uniform Probability DistributionDr. Maissam Ahmed Jdid
Rafif Alhabib
A. A. Salama
Faculty of Engineering2022-03-06Download      Download
Study the effect of convolvulus arvensis on the contraction of isolated vascular smooth muscle fibers portal veinFaculty of Pharmacy2022-02-27Download      Download

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