Duties of the University's Scientific Research Council

  • Disseminating and promoting the culture of scientific research.
  •  Directing researches and studies towards achieving goals of our local community.
  •  Encouraging faculty members to conduct internal and external scientific research.
  •  Implementing the university’s policy of organizing various scientific research issues.
  •  Contributing with university colleges to hold conferences, seminars and scientific events.
  • Following up study plans for all the university’s faculties and studying the mechanism and the need to develop them.
  • Study cooperation agreements with universities and authorities, make recommendations regarding it, and follow up on their activation.
  • Following up and organizing the university’s relationship with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  • Following up on the evaluation of books written by the faculty members and supervising the procedures related to checking, producing, issuing and disbursing their dues according to the applicable regulations.
  • Approving university’s scientific research plans and projects, and determining the extent of their entitlement to financial support in accordance with university regulations and decisions.
  • Proposing a budget for scientific research and recommending it to the University Council.
  • Approval of recommendations for the issuance of scientific journals and follow-up procedures for their issuance.
  • Organizing workshops periodically for the university various faculties in order to provide students with required skills.
  • Support for innovation and patents.

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