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Study the effect of convolvulus arvensis on the contraction of isolated vascular smooth muscle fibers portal veinFaculty of Pharmacy2022-02-27Download      Download
Investigation of the Most Common Reasons, Symptoms and Treatment in Syrian Women with Polycystic Ovary SyndromeAyat Chghrie
Bayan Abd Alkader
Marwa Sajie
Faculty of Pharmacy2022-02-14Download      Download
Pregnancy and COVID – 19: A Review of Tests, Medications and VaccinesJana Abd Al-Salam
Hiba Ibrahim
Faculty of Pharmacy2022-02-09Download      Download
Evaluation of the effectiveness of chinese acupuncture in pain relieving following surgical removal of Impacted lower third molarsRamez Samer Hamsho
Faculty of Dentistry2022-01-16Download      Download
The Neutrosophic Treatment for Multiple Storage Problem of Finite Materials and VolumesDr. Maissam Ahmed Jdid
Dr. Osama Bahbouh
Rafif Alhabib
A. A. Salama
Huda E. Khalid
Faculty of Informatics Engineering2022-01-07Download      Download
Antiviral e?ects of propolis against SARS-COV 2 - A mini review articleFaculty of Pharmacy2022-01-03Download      Download
Neutrosophic Treatment of the Static Model of Inventory Management with De?citDr. Maissam Ahmed Jdid
Rafif Alhabib
A. A. Salama
Huda E. Khalid
Fatima Al Suleiman
Faculty of Informatics Engineering2022-01-03Download      Download
Neutrosophic Handling of the Simplex Direct Algorithm to De?ne the Optimal Solution in Linear ProgrammingDr. Maissam Ahmed Jdid
A. A. Salama
Huda E. Khalid
Faculty of Informatics Engineering2022-01-03Download      Download
Pictures of the political and social struggle and its trends in the Syrian novel - the Syrian novelist Hanna Mina as a modelDr. Wajdan Mohammadah
Faculty of Informatics Engineering2021-12-30Download      Download
Linked Data: A Framework for Publishing Five-Star Open Government DataDr. Bassel Alkhatib
Ali Ahmad Ali
Faculty of Informatics Engineering2021-12-07Download      Download

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