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Asthma in Disaster ZonesProf. Yousser Mouhammad
Faculty of Pharmacy2023-07-10Download      Download
The Role of human resource management practices on the job satisfaction of employees in Tishreen University, Central AdministrationDr. Souha Sankari
Faculty of Administrative Sciences2023-02-16Download      Download
The prevalence of tobacco use among students at Al-Sham Private University, a field study on students at Al-Sham Private University in Damascus, at Al-Tall headquartersDr. Ghena Mouhammad Khaled Najati
Faculty of Dentistry2023-08-10Download      Download
The Anti-Bacterial Effect of Protocols of Different Irrigation SolutionsDr. Morgana Qutaifani
Faculty of Dentistry2023-08-22Download      Download
Evaluation of the pharmacist's knowledge, awareness, and practices towards pharmacovigilance in SyriaAssistant Prof. Muaaz Alajlani
Faculty of Pharmacy2023-08-05Download      Download
Antifungal property of medicinal plants: A comprehensive reviewAss. Prof. Muaaz Alajlani
Faculty of Pharmacy2023-08-01Download      Download
The Study Of Effects Of Dealing With Paper Monetary And Change To Electronic Cards On The Syrian EconomyDr. Adnan Ismail
Faculty of Administrative Sciences2021-05-09Download      Download
Review of Marine Cyanobacteria and the Aspects Related to Their Roles: Chemical, Biological Properties, Nitrogen Fixation and Climate ChangeAssistant Prof. Muaaz Alajlani
Faculty of Pharmacy2023-08-03Download      Download
Corporate Governance On Agency Costs: A Field Study On The Syrian Joint Stock CompaniesDr. Youssef Ahmad Wakkaf
Faculty of Administrative Sciences2023-07-18Download      Download
Formulation and evaluation of a topical gel containing Rosemary oil for the treatment of acne vulgarisAssistant Prof. Muaaz Alajlani
Faculty of Pharmacy2023-07-17Download      Download

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