ASPU Faculty of Business Administration Holds First Scientific Day

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Thursday, 14 Sep, 2023

Under the patronage of Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Bassam Ibrahim, and supervision of ASPU president Dr. Sharif Al-Ashkar, and in cooperation with the Arab Union of productive families,  craft and traditional industries, the faculty of  administrative sciences has organized the first scientific day entitled: Investment opportunities inherent in the Syrian economy.

 The event was attended  by minister  Ibrahim, Tariq Krishati, Governor of Damascus, Dr. Khaled Abaza, secretary of  Quneitra Baath Party branch in Quneitra, Dr. Hassan Khaiti, the union deputy secretary, Dr. Abdel Nasser Al-Obaid, ACSAD director general , Rania Al-Zarir, ASPU vice president for administrative student affairs and  directors of al-Assad library, culture and student credit, and deans of university faculties.

The event began with a minute of silence observed for the soul of the founding leader Hafez al-Assad and nation’s martyrs, followed by the Syrian Arab anthem.

In  his speech Dr. Ibrahim stressed that scientific research is of double importance in Syria, following the war launched in 2011, which affected its human, material, civilizational, cultural and historical structure, noting that  the importance of this scientific day comes from the diversity of participants and attendees.

He added that the importance of the event also lies in the fact that it brings together academic institutions, governmental institutions, economic activities, unions, and local, Arab, and even international professional federations with the aim of exchanging experiences and presenting the most important challenges facing the Syrian economy in the post-war period and under the weight of international sanctions.

He thanked the participants for their contribution to  the  scientific day that would come out with important proposals and recommendations that serve all economic sectors.

Dr. Al-Ashkar, welcomed the honorable audience, stressing that the transition from the stage of coordination and cooperation to partnership among sectors to come up with initiatives and the  desire and ability to persevere, seize opportunities, and innovate solutions.

The university president noted that the common goal for the participants is  exchanging experiences and incubating  ideas to defy  economic challenges .

Dr. al-Ashkar also  stressed that economic activities and  solutions must study and implement their ideas on the field and not inside  offices or halls, since  economic solution must be through a specialized government committee that follows up, supervises and investigates the matter, in order to achieve effective results.

Dr. Khaiti,  thanked the minister and ASPU president and the participants for the  efforts in making this day a success,  noting the union’s role as a strategic partner in serving  the common interest in line of full investment opportunities in human capital, as one of the most important types of capital, because achieving economic development and sustainable development in developed countries and developing countries alike depends on investing in human capital appropriately.

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