ASPU President Meets Iranian Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Delegation

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Wednesday, 6 Sep, 2023

ASPU President Dr. Sharif Al-Ashkar, has  met  a delegation representing  the Iranian Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, headed by  Dr. Hussein Mirzapour, advisor to the minister of communications and for international and strategic affairs.

The  Iranian delegation included Dr. Hussein Badhrafshan Mokaddam, Muhammad Hussein Masoudi, and head of the National Union of Syrian Students NUSS branch in Iran  Abdullah Sheikh Abdullah.

Dr. al-Ashkar  gave an introduction about  the university establishment, its colleges in Damascus and Lattakia.

The two sides discussed means of strengthening cooperation in all fields, especially scientific ones, between the University of the Levant and Iranian universities.

Then a meeting  was  followed between the visiting delegation and university  deans, professors and students ,  attended by Dr.  Al-Ashkar, head of the university branch of the NUSS Majd al-Hamad and  Dr. Rania Zarir, university vice president for administrative and student affairs, deans and deputies of colleges, and  huge crowd of students.

Discussion focused on digital transformation, e-governance, and the transition from traditional paper-based systems to the automated work system (advantages, disadvantages, and challenges with regard to the Syrian experience), technological incubators, and how to address technical and technological problems through research,  conducive to applicable solutions, manifested in transferring  graduation projects and postgraduate theses to solutions that ultimately reach a product or technical solution that serves as the basis for a company’s work. The aim is to have companies with scientific foundations, in addition to electronic marketing through marketing programs that provide online purchasing services and their need for a strong banking structure in electronic payment as well.

Discussions also centered on small and medium enterprises, and their  effective role  in creating tangible job opportunities , noting the  benefits of switching from the cash system to electronic payment systems.

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