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Faculty Message:

     ASPU faculty of Human Medicine has been seeking to excel in preparing a highly qualified graduate scientifically and ethically. A graduate who is able to continuously develop his skills and information according to the latest global scientific data, to be put in the service of developing the quality of health care provided to citizens in the Syrian Arab Republic.


Faculty Goals:

     Providing the community with experienced physicians to provide a highly qualified ethical professional performance that ensures safe care for the patient, improves the quality of his life, and contributes to define health problems of society and helping to solve them.

Following up and developing modern teaching and learning methods to ensure the graduate's ability to pursue his specialization and self-learning, develop his abilities and knowledge and professional skills, and his reliance on evidence-based medicine.

Creating the conditions for modern teaching and learning mechanisms and tools, securing and transferring sources of knowledge, science, and training to the student, while developing self-learning skills and other self-abilities in a way that contributes to acquiring the foundations of scientific thinking and creativity and enhancing the student's ability to recognize problems and contribute to solving them.

Encouraging scientific and research activities and involving faculty members and students to this end in the service of the community, while keeping pace with scientific developments in medicine.

Cooperating with various local, regional and international health authorities for enhancing the national and global health system, and providing necessary knowledge and skills to meet health needs required by the community.

Providing medicine according to a high level of ethical values ??and ensuring the rights of patients, by developing continuous self-learning ability skills.

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