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Chylomicron retention disease caused by a new pathogenic variant in sar1b protein: a rare case report from Syria

Faculty of Pharmacy2021-10-10Download      Download
Investigation of Fasting Glucose and Glucose Tolerance in Syrian Beta Thalassemia Major Patients

Faculty of Pharmacy2021-10-08Download      Download
Effect of Adaptive Line Enhancement Filters on Noise Cancellation in ECG SignalsDr. George Karraz
Faculty of Engineering2021-10-02Download      Download
The Role of Innovative Marketing in Improving Market Share (A field study at Sepharma Pharmaceutical Industries) 
Faculty of Administrative Sciences2021-09-25Download      Download
The ability to evaporate petroleum oils and their impact on the environmentDr. Adnan Abboud
Faculty of Dentistry2021-09-14Download      Download
The Use of Platelet Rich Plasma in Bone Regeneration: A Systematic ReviewCurr?culum Vitae

Faculty of Pharmacy2021-09-06Download      Download
Thump and Shuttle Reactors for Catalytic Methane Combustion1995, el Título Académico: Profesor 1980, Doctorado en Ciencias Químicas, la especialidad de "Quími
Faculty of Engineering2021-08-19Download      Download
Characteristics of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Among a Sample of Syrian Society1989, Doctorado en Química Analítica - Análisis Cromatográfico - Universidad del Franco Condado - Bisenson - Fr
Dr. Rama Hussein Ibrahim

Faculty of Pharmacy2021-08-06Download      Download
The Symptoms Of The Stagnation Of The Civil CaseDr. Asala Keywan
Faculty of Law2021-06-30Download      Download
Antibody-Drug Conjugates Used in Breast Cancers

Faculty of Pharmacy2021-06-27Download      Download

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