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Resistance and Sensitivity of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa against Common Used Antibiotics in Tishreen University Hospital, Syria

Faculty of Pharmacy2022-07-10Download      Download
An Investigation in the Initial Solution in Neutrosophic Transportation ProblemsDr. Maissam Ahmed Jdid

Faculty of Informatics Engineering2022-07-09Download      Download
Investigation of the role of prolactin in the prevention of diabetic retinopathy in Syria

Faculty of Pharmacy2022-07-07Download      Download
ANTIBACTERIAL EFFECT OF ESSENTIAL OIL EXTRACTED FROM CUPRESSUS MACROCARPA LEAVES AGAINST SEVERAL BACTERIAL STRAINS1989, Doctorado en Química Analítica - Análisis Cromatográfico - Universidad del Franco Condado - Bisenson - Fr

Faculty of Pharmacy2022-06-29Download      Download
Epidemiology and risk factors of colorectal cancer in Syria: a single-center retrospective study

Faculty of Pharmacy2022-06-27Download      Download
Effect of Solvents on the Fluorescent Spectroscopy of BODIPY-520 Derivative

Faculty of Pharmacy2022-06-21Download      Download
The Effect Of Incentives On Improving Organization Performance: Field Study On Lattakia Textile CompanyFaculty of Administrative Sciences2022-06-20Download      Download
Evaluating the Experience of Electronic Accounting Education From The Students Point of View: A Field Study in Damascus University---2022-06-11Download      Download
Complete Response of Gefitinib in Pulmonary Recurrence after Pneumonectomy in Patient with NSCLC: A Case Report

Faculty of Pharmacy2022-06-07Download      Download
Eyeing up the pandemic: A literature review of the ocular manifestations of COVID-19Curr?culum Vitae

Faculty of Medicine2022-06-05Download      Download

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