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Based on ASPU care to provide all means of comfort and safety for its dear students, the University has provided a student transportation service to serve students' transportation to and from the university's permanent headquarters (Al-Tal).

The transportation service includes a variety of modern means of transportation equipped with an (Ather bus) system, which allows students to follow the itinerary directly on the map, and many advantages, including:

1- Follow-up of bus trips on the map, where the service provides the ability to display the starting point of the buses, the end points and the gathering at which the bus will stop.

 2- Seeing the buses in real time: The service provides the ability to display the university buses during the trip on maps via satellites using GPS technology.

3- Notifications via the application: Sending notifications via the application (Android - ios) when the bus is approaching the chosen assembly point

  • To download the (Ather bus) program from the AppStore, click here.
  • To download the (Ather bus) program from Google play, click here.
  • The cost of the transportation service is /2000,000/ Two million Sp for the first semester of the academic year 2023-2024.

In case of any inquiries, please refer to the Transportation Department at the university’s premises in al Tal, or contact: 011-5910017.


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