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The Basics of Neutrosophic Simulation for Converting Random Numbers Associated with a Uniform Probability Distribution into Random Variables Follow an Exponential DistributionFaculty of Informatics Engineering2023-01-16Download      Download
The Neutrosophic Treatment of the Static Model for the Inventory Management with Safety ReserveFaculty of Informatics Engineering2022-03-24Download      Download
Fundamentals of Neutrosophical Simulation for Generating Random Numbers Associated with Uniform Probability DistributionFaculty of Informatics Engineering2022-03-06Download      Download
The Neutrosophic Treatment for Multiple Storage Problem of Finite Materials and VolumesFaculty of Informatics Engineering2022-01-07Download      Download
Neutrosophic Handling of the Simplex Direct Algorithm to De?ne the Optimal Solution in Linear ProgrammingFaculty of Informatics Engineering2022-01-03Download      Download
Neutrosophic Treatment of the Static Model of Inventory Management with De?citFaculty of Informatics Engineering2022-01-03Download      Download
The static model of inventory management without a deficit with Neutrosophic logicFaculty of Informatics Engineering2021-11-02Download      Download