Dr. Iyad Baladieh

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  • 1998 Ph.D. in Business Administration, "Marketing specialization", University of National and International Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria.

  • 1993 Diploma in Marketing (Marketing in External Economic Activity) Higher Institute of Economics - Sofia - Bulgaria.

  • 1992 BA in International Economic Relations - "Higher Institute of Economics" Sofia - Bulgaria.


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  • Head of the Marketing Department - Faculty of Administrative Sciences - Lattakia Faculties - Al-Sham Private University.
  • 2010-2018 Lecturer in the Marketing Department at the International University for Science and Technology - Damascus.

  • 2003-2005 Lecturer in the Department of Business Administration, Tishreen University.


The Role of Innovative Marketing in Improving Market Share (A field study at Sepharma Pharmaceutical Industries) Faculty of Administrative Sciences2021-09-25Download      Download
The New Rules of Green Marketing and Its Role in Guiding Clients Towards Green Purchasing BehaviorFaculty of Administrative Sciences2020-06-04Download      Download
The Role of Relationship Marketing in Improving an Organizations Mental ImageFaculty of Administrative Sciences2020-03-29Download      Download