Ass. Prof. Muaaz Alajlani

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2010  Ph.D. in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics - Georg August University - Göttingen - Germany
2004  Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy - Punjab State University - Lahore - Pakistan

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2022-now Assistant Professor at the College of Pharmacy / Al-Tal - Al-Sham Private University
2021-2022 Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy - Qasioun Private University
2019-2020 Senior Researcher and Head of the Biopharmacology Unit - Martin Luther University - Halle - Germany
2015-2018 Researcher and Lecturer (Evaluation of Traditional Chinese Medicine) - Karl Fransen University - G


Antifungal property of medicinal plants: A comprehensive reviewFaculty of Pharmacy2023-08-01Download      Download