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The ability to evaporate petroleum oils and their impact on the environmentDr. Adnan Abboud
Faculty of Dentistry2021-09-14Download      Download
The challenging reality of the clinical learning environment at Damascus University Faculty of Dental Medicine in SyriaDr. Khaled Alhomsi
Faculty of Medicine2023-04-24Download      Download
The credit risk and its impact on the efficiency of credit portfolios in commercial banksDr. Anas Hisham Almamlok
Faculty of Administrative Sciences2020-07-04Download      Download
The image of the foreign countries and nations in the????s criticism in SyriaDr. Wajdan Mohammadah
Faculty of Informatics Engineering2020-05-31Download      Download
The impact of psychological health on acute lymphoblastic leukemia: A case reportDr. Ghena Mouhammad Khaled Najati
Faculty of Medicine2023-09-28Download      Download
The prevalence of tobacco use among students at Al-Sham Private University, a field study on students at Al-Sham Private University in Damascus, at Al-Tall headquartersDr. Ghena Mouhammad Khaled Najati
Faculty of Dentistry2023-08-10Download      Download
The role of European parties in Iranian foreign policyProf. Hussein Maklad
Faculty of International Relations and Diplomacy2021-08-11Download      Download
The static model of inventory management without a deficit with Neutrosophic logicDr. Maissam Ahmed Jdid
Rafif Alhabib
A. A. Salama
Faculty of Informatics Engineering2021-11-02Download      Download
Therapeutic approaches for COVID 19: Challenges and successesSamer Alshaikh
Mohammad Alshimaly
Amany Assaad
Jehan Ahmad
Haya Zoughaibi
Maher Hammadi
Yahya Elshimali
Faculty of Pharmacy2020-09-05Download      Download
Thump and Shuttle Reactors for Catalytic Methane CombustionProf. Yasser Hourieh
Faculty of Informatics Engineering2021-08-19Download      Download