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Characteristics of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Among a Sample of Syrian SocietyFaten Khaled Shouman
Dr. Rama Hussein Ibrahim
Mais Ashkar
Rama Shaikh Ibrahim
Faculty of Pharmacy2021-08-06Download      Download
Characterization of pasteurized milk in the near infrared range for construction of tissue-mimicking optical phantomsDr. WESAM BACHIR
Rewa khir
Faculty of Pharmacy2022-05-05Download      Download
China’s Political Image in “Hanna Minh” Trilogy Happened in Betajo, the bride of the Black Wave, the last adventureDr. Wajdan Mohammadah
Faculty of Informatics Engineering2019-12-31Download      Download
Cholera Outbreak in Syria: A Brief ReadingYahya Elshimali
Ali L Alhouri
Shahm L Alhouri
Faculty of Pharmacy2022-11-28Download      Download
Cholesteatoma Effects on Hearing and Ossicles at Al-Mouwasat University HospitalDr. Khaled Alhomsi
Faculty of Medicine2020-01-31Download      Download
Chylomicron retention disease caused by a new pathogenic variant in sar1b protein: a rare case report from SyriaAli ibrahim
Leen Jamel Doya
Lava Mohammad
Razan Omran
Alexander Ali Ibrahim
Nizar Yousef
Faculty of Pharmacy2021-10-10Download      Download
Comparative Study of the Effect of MTAD Irrigation Solution Activated By Laser on the Micro-Hardness of the Radicular DentinDr. Morgana Qutaifani
Faculty of Dentistry2022-12-31Download      Download
Complete Response of Gefitinib in Pulmonary Recurrence after Pneumonectomy in Patient with NSCLC: A Case ReportProf. Maher S. Saifo
Marah F. Ibrahim
Alissar Y Almahayni
Faculty of Pharmacy2022-06-07Download      Download
Computerized Study and Analysis Electrical Power Systems ParametersDr. Osama Bahbouh
Faculty of Informatics Engineering2023-03-10Download      Download
Corporate Governance On Agency Costs: A Field Study On The Syrian Joint Stock CompaniesDr. Youssef Ahmad Wakkaf
Faculty of Administrative Sciences2023-07-18Download      Download

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