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An Investigation in the Initial Solution in Neutrosophic Transportation ProblemsDr. Maissam Ahmed Jdid
Huda E. Khalid
Faculty of Informatics Engineering2022-07-09Download      Download
An analytical Study of the standard of Syrian Citizens living (Reality & Prospects during the period from 2010 up to 2019)Dr. Adnan Ismail
Faculty of Administrative Sciences2020-04-03Download      Download
Antibody-Drug Conjugates Used in Breast CancersProf. Maher S. Saifo
Marah F. Ibrahim
Aram J. Abbas
Faculty of Pharmacy2021-06-27Download      Download
Antifungal property of medicinal plants: A comprehensive reviewAss. Prof. Muaaz Alajlani
Faculty of Pharmacy2023-08-01Download      Download
Antiviral e?ects of propolis against SARS-COV 2 - A mini review articleFaculty of Pharmacy2022-01-03Download      Download
Arabic Offensive Language Detection with Attention-based Deep Neural NetworksNada GHNEIM
Bushr Haddad
Zoher Orabe
Anas Al-Abood
Faculty of Informatics Engineering2020-03-05Download      Download
Assessment of Microalbuminuria in ?-Thalassemia Major PatientsNour Yassin
Rouqaia Shamsuddin
Faculty of Pharmacy2022-08-06Download      Download
Asthma in Disaster ZonesProf. Yousser Mouhammad
Faculty of Pharmacy2023-07-10Download      Download
B-Thalassemia in Patients Reviewing Al-Mouwasat University Hospital in Damascus, SyriaDr. Khaled Alhomsi
Faculty of Medicine2020-07-06Download      Download
Breast Cancer Screening Campaign of 2018 and 2019 at Al-Mouwasat University Hospital in Damascus, SyriaDr. Khaled Alhomsi
Faculty of Medicine2020-12-31Download      Download

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