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ASPU President Meets with Deans of Lattakia Branch Faculties
Dr. Sharif Al-Ashkar, have met with deans Lattakia branch faculties, and discussed with them matters related to the faculties and provided equipment for the second semester exams were discussed.

ASPU Board of Trustees holds 30th Session
Chaired by Dr. Muhammad Al-Jalali, Chairman of ASPU Board of Trustees y, the Board of Trustees held its 30th session at the university's headquarters in Baramkeh.

ASPU President Discusses preparations for 2nd midterm exam for 2022/2023 Academic Year
Dr. Sharif al-Ashkar has presided over a meeting  to discuss preparation for the second midterm exam for the academic year 2022/2023

ASPU Scientific Day:
Under the patronage of ASPU President Dr. Sharif Al-Ashkar, the first scientific day of the Faculty of Law was opened d under the title: "Penal Law & Electronic Revolution".
The event was ...

ASPU President Confers with Iranian Deputy Education Minister on Enhancing Bilateral Relations
ASPU president Dr.  Sharif Al-Ashkar, has met an Iranian delegation headed by Iranian deputy minister of education, Dr. Hashem Dadashpoor.

ASPU Lecture: "Psychological & Physical Disorders Following the Earthquake
Under the patronage of ASPU president Dr. Sharif Al-Ashkar, Lattakia faculty of Pharmacy, in cooperation with ...

ASPU First Scientific Endodontics Conference
Under the patronage of ASPU President Dr. Sharif Al-Ashkar, Lattakia Faculty of Dentistry at the university, in cooperation with ...

ASPU Council Convenes 71st Session
ASPU President Dr. Sharif al-Ashkar has chaired the seventy-first session of the University Council, at the university's permanent headquarters in ...

ASPU Seminar: "Skills for Joining Work Environment"
Under the auspices of ASPU President Dr.  Sharif Al-Ashkar and in cooperation with the university branch of ...

ASPU 3rd International Dental Conference:" Contemporary Dentistry between Fundamentals & Modern Technologies"
Under the auspices of Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Bassam Ibrahim, and the supervision ASPU President Dr. Sharif al-Ashkar, the Faculty of Dentistry at the University, in cooperation with the ...

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