Man can only lives in a community or at least in a group, therefore human interaction has been necessary for man to be able to cooperate with his peers to attain  means of living for his life and survival. Having a sustainable society depends on having a specific system that can be achieved through social control and the law. It is a type of control and regulation linked with the existence of man himself.

In the light of the aforesaid, we can say that the law and the group are two inseparable ideas, in the sense that where the law exists, there is the group, and where the group exists, there is the law.

This means that the main function of the Faculty of Law is to prepare qualified legal cadres that contribute to the consolidation of the principle of the rule of law by adopting modern scientific methods on the one hand and contributing to creating a sound legal structure for various sectors and institutions.


Dean of the Faculty of Law

Dr. Asala Keywan  


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