Dean of Faculty of Dentistry

Dear Colleagues & Students:

I am pleased to welcome you to the site of the Faculty of Dentistry at ASPU in Lattakia, which  is constantly evolving with the efforts of those in charge of it in the presidency and administration of the university, the esteemed who do not spare the provision of what is necessary in order to be a pioneer in keeping with development, as we work on developing scientific research projects Participation in local and international conferences.

The student is the preoccupation of our thinking and concern. We are all  hope that we succeed in providing the student  with complete (scientific and educational) care, in order to prepare him ideally to play a positive and constructive role in our society.

I am a family  member of this faculty which includes teachers, supervisors and employees. I hope that we work together with love, understanding and cooperation to reach our students to the desired goal, of  building a future doctor scientifically and morally. Indeed, we must not forget patients for whom we will work hard to provide the best preventive and curative means.

I ask my colleagues and employees  in this faculty to work hard as one integrated team so that we can all succeed in our role and the work assigned to us.  I can only succeed in this task with your cooperation.

May God provide success to you and me

Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry

Prof. Hazem Hassan


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