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Faculty Vision:

The faculty of Pharmacy should become one of the most distinguished and reputable faculties in pharmaceutical and scientific education at the regional and international levels and be a symbol of excellence, integrity, fairness and transparency in education, scientific research and health care.

Faculty Message:

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Al-Sham Private University seeks to excel in the preparation of graduates who are highly qualified scientifically and morally and capable of developing their skills and information continuously according to the latest scientific data and achieving scientific and academic excellence in all fields of pharmaceutical sciences.

This is achieved through building up students' personality and expanding his mental and scientific awareness and professional ethics through his adherence to the latest means of education and scientific research in pharmacy in all fields. This will be achieved to meet the current and future requirements of the pharmacist to serve as an example for pharmacists who have committed themselves to serving their community and their homeland in all regions of the Syrian Arab Republic. This will be, again, achieved through strengthening the services provided to the society in its various categories and cooperation relations with several universities and local, Social, economic and cultural activities, as well as contributing to scientific research that drives the development of people's quality of life.


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