Directorate of Engineering Affairs

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The Directorate of Engineering Affairs carries out all engineering studies, rehabilitation works, supervises the implementation of works according to the needs of the colleges and directorates, and provides technical and technological support to the university’s colleges in order to conduct the educational process in accordance with the university’s policy in higher education, scientific research, the introduction of technology in education, and digital transformation.

It consists  of:

1- Engineering Affairs

2- Information Technology Department

- It aims to maintain the readiness of the university's infrastructure to meet the requirements of the educational process at the university and to provide technical and technological support at the highest level with scientific engineering standards characterized by innovation, distinguished care and continuous development.


1- Working to improve the university's services, by providing high-quality care within a safe technical environment concerned with science and advanced technology, in order to provide quality education for university students that stimulates creativity, invention and scientific research.

2- Preparing the necessary studies for university buildings and the necessary studies for them, and following up on their implementation.

3- Supervising the implementation of all maintenance work at the university (facilities - buildings - equipment).

4- Supervision of  workshops and ensuring their work according to the approved study.

5- Develop plans for the continuous modernization of technical and technological equipment to improve the quality of services provided to students and the educational and administrative staff.

6- Supervising university buildings and their components (laboratories - libraries - halls - auditoriums - offices) and working on their maintenance, expansion or restoration.

7- Preserving plans and documents related to university buildings and facilities.

8- Providing technical services:

  • Networks (wired - wireless)
  • Optical cables
  • Telephone exchanges
  • Equipment maintenance: (computers - photocopiers - printers - fax - telephone - projection - interactive boards - audio - lighting - fire alarm - UPS units)
  • Securing the necessary software for the work of all university departments and faculties.

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