Dean of the Faculty

On behalf of the family of the Faculty of Dentistry at Al-Sham Private University, I welcome you to your college. We will spare no effort to make your curricula, lectures, references, your labs, and your clinics at the highest possible level ... We expect you to be excellent, diligent and hard working ... Medicine is a message and today you are writing the first letter of your message. So be eligible to have the Doctor's title.

The path of Medicine is a long path to lead, but in the end  when you enjoy the sweet taste of success you will forget all about the exhaustion. Knowledge is a great river and Dentistry is the greatest stream of that river. Be the watercourse that supports the stream   and let your heart  get swelled with pride in yourself, your faculty and your university in order to gain a remarkable  status  in society and your country.

The slogan of your university is: "We work together to make your dream come true" and together we will make the slogan a reality.

We start  with you and we ascend with you to reach  the top peak of science and knowledge .
In conclusion, I would like to wish you all the success in the future.

Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry

Dr. Hazem B. Sawaf




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