ASPU-SOS, Syria Memorandum of Understanding Co-Signed

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Tuesday, 10 Jan, 2023

ASPU President Dr. Sharif Al-Ashkar, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Syrian Arab Children's Villages Society (SOS) Dr. Samar Daaboul have signed a memorandum of understanding.


The signing ceremony was attended by Dr. Rania Al-Zurair,  university vice President for administrative and student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Jassim Zakaria, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Mr. Khaled Najati, the Secretary of the University, Ms. Ruqayyah Al-Nasuri, Director of Student Affairs and Examinations from Al-Sham Private University, Samer Khaddam, National Director, Ms. Nihal Maysar, Director of Finance and Communication, and Ms. Mayada Salameh, Coordinator of the Youth Sponsorship Program , representing SOS, Syria.


The agreement stressed  desire of the two parties to attain bilateral  cooperation in order to ensure  scientific and academic support, increase higher education opportunities for the young generation who are under SOS at the post-secondary stage, integrate youth into society and develop students' skills to building their personality.


Also stressed was providing training for ASPU students as volunteers at SOS’s available capabilities and resources program and providing facilities for students to achieve their projects.


Talks centered on the role of societies, in general, to provide the necessary support to all segments of society and the need to activate this agreement for the benefit of both parties in particular and society in general.

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