Faculty Dean

Faculty of Informatics Engineering at Al-Sham Private University is an inexhaustible oasis of creativity and giving, where educations is spread at its optimal forms with devotion and creativity. I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the College and congratulate my dear students on being part of this high level academic institution in Syria.

The Faculty of Informatics Engineering is distinguished by a vibrant academic environment for all students, through the presentation of distinguished academic experiments by a constellation of faculty members who have significantly contributed to academic research and made outstanding achievements.

Our College constantly seeks to promote the spirit of academic learning and constructive development. From this standpoint, the College's administration is working hard to adopt latest teaching methods and invest in them with the latest advanced technologies. Our University spares no effort to select the best teaching and academic staff  who have an outstanding academic experience in university instructing and the various fields of scientific research and creative abilities; to  provide continuous support to the students of the college in a friendly respectful  environment among teachers and students, And society.

Our College aspires to provide our students with high academic efficiency, excellence in innovation and creativity, and participation in local and international conferences and competitions. It also seeks to provide all students with unlimited support in order to encourage them to excel in their academic performance. In the same context, our College aims to provide students with the basic skills and abilities to cope with the increasing needs required at the business market in both Syria and the world during the era of technical progress and artificial intelligence.

So I would like to kindly invite you to visit our web site, and to learn about our advanced teaching methods based on the active participation between the teacher and the student rather than traditional methods of casting information at students. You can meet our students, faculty members and dedicated staff. Certainly you will find the Al Sham Private University is the inexhaustible citadel of giving, development, authenticity and contemporary science and academia. We are all ready to answer your questions and suggestions and accept any suggestions you make.

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering

Dr. Iyad Khayat



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