I welcome you, dear students and visitors to the website, and introduce to you the College of Pharmacy, Al-Tall premises , at Al-Sham Private University (ASPU) , the college that is distinguished by an elite group of teaching staff, supervisors, and cooperative administrative staff, in addition to its laboratory equipment and many qualitative devices.  It is also the only college in Syria that owns two virtual pharmacies dedicated to training students and prepare them for post-university stage, in addition to the distinctive atmosphere, its halls, laboratories, and scientific and social activities.

All of this is to qualify ASPU pharmacy students to the highest levels and achieve high competitiveness in the labor market, as the college, through its staff and students, aspires to achieve leadership among local and regional colleges of pharmacy.

ASPU  College of Pharmacy follows the system of academic credit hours, which is 175 credit hours in addition to 600 hours of professional training in pharmacies. The College of Pharmacy has six departments: the department of pharmaceutical chemistry and drug control, the department of pharmacy and pharmaceutical technology, the department of pharmacology and toxicology, and the  drugs department,  the department of pharmaceutical chemistry, the department of biochemistry and microbiology, and the Department of analytical and food chemistry are all equipped with the best laboratories and specialized equipment.

As a profession, pharmacy is characterized by various specializations, ranging from medicines to drugs to medicinal chemistry to pharmaceutical industries to pharmaceutical marketing and promotion... The college of pharmacy seeks to provide  the pharmacy student with required services  in all of these different specializations and fields.?

The college of pharmacy encourages various scientific activities, including field visits to pharmaceutical laboratories, various laboratories in the Ministry of Health, the blood bank, and many charitable medical institutions. It also encourages scientific research and development by providing full facilities and awards to researchers and students, and always seeks to connect the college with the community to achieve an integrated and sustainable vision for the pharmacy profession and avoid limiting it to one specialty.?

The goal of  ASPU college of pharmacy is to achieve leadership and serve our beloved country, Syria, by supplying the health sector with cadres that challenge difficulties and overcome obstacles with their knowledge and experience that they have acquired at the university, achieving the miracle of Syrian medicine, so that Syrian medicine and pharmaceutical services remain a difficult number that defies the unjust siege imposed on our people.?

I thank  ASPU  administration and its staff  for their efforts and the hard work they provide to achieve the best for Al-Sham Private University.


Dr. Mouaz al-Ajlani

Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy

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