Societies advance by scientific research.  When we say scientific, this is not limited to natural sciences, but includes social and human sciences, such as political sciences, because human society has many important issues facing the progress and well-being of society more than the organic issues facing natural science researchers, such as the security dilemma that poses the greatest challenge for the international society. Wars, international terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and poverty all sprout from this dilemma.

The study of political and social sciences, including international relations, is a matter of great importance to society. If we look at the developed countries, we will see that political sciences is at the top in any university, as politics is involved in various fields of life. It is, as Aristotle said, “the master of science” and it is the first topic that UNESCO was concerned with by convening a political science conference in 1948.

International relations represent a basic domain of political science, expanding to meet with many sciences such as the international law, the strategy, the foreign policy, the civil society, political society and political economy and also the cultural, educational and educational field, the production of knowledge and cultural educational authority and the role of this authority in public life in the light of political life, its trends, and its contradictions.

Politics is also the science of power, and the principles of its production, its mechanisms of operation, and its methods of exercise, in addition to being the science and art of managing public affairs and resolving social conflicts exclusively by peaceful means exclusively. It is indeed, the science of the state and the conditions for its continuity and factors for its growth and prosperity and of its weakness.

Actually, politics has been translated into policies, programs and strategies in various areas of social life, and there is an integrated relationship and harmony between internal policies, foreign policies and international relations.

We thank you for joining the Faculty of International Relations and Diplomacy at Al-Sham Private University (ASPU). Choosing this faculty, you are on the cusp of a new and exciting academic journey that will support your progress and development.

Our faculty prepares students and qualifies them at a high level in various fields of international relations, follows up the political phenomena and their developments, and foreign languages, especially English, and provides them with the best research tools that make students ready to work in diplomatic corps, international organizations, strategic research centers and the media. The Faculty of International Relations is the best option in this field to prepare you well for all that you need in your working life.

The faculty seeks to have the best cadres and academic expertise in order to develop its programs to keep pace with international developments.

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