Ahmad Daas

Associated Professor

1996 Doctor of Philosophy in Economics from Kharkov State University of Economics. Specialization: Marketing Management.
1991 MA in Economic Sciences from Kharkov State University of Economic Engineering. Specialization: Management and automation of economic information.



  • 2019-now Faculty Member - College of Administrative Sciences - Al-Sham Private University.
    2013-2017 Dean of the Third College of Economics - University of Damascus.
    2013 Deputy Dean of the Third Faculty of Law, Damascus University for Academic, Students and Administration Affairs.
    2009-now a Faculty Member - the Third Faculty of Economics at the University of Damascus.
    2009-2016 Teacher at the Syrian Virtual University - Ministry of Higher Education.
    2009-2014 Teacher at the Syrian Private University - College of Business Administration.
    2014-2016 Teacher at Qasyoun Private University - Faculty of Economics and Administration.
    2005-2008 Lecturer at the Faculty of Political Science, Financial Management Course.
    2014-2019 Teacher at the Higher Institute for Administrative Development.
    2005-2009 Member of the Social, Economic and Planning Council of Qunaitra.


  • Email: a.d.foas@aspu.edu.sy
    Mobile: (093) 332-9472