Prof. Dr. Anwar Fahad Al-Hasani

Associated Professor

1998 Diploma in Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery, University of Paris VI (Pierre and Marie Curie) - France

1997 Diploma in Facial Surgery from Grenoble University - France

1995 A.F.S Certificate in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Bourgogne, France

1989 Master's degree in General Surgery, University of Damascus

1985 Bachelor of Medicine, University of Damascus



  • 2021 Assistant Professor - Faculty of Human Medicine - Al-Sham Private University

    2018-2021 Assistant Professor - Faculty of Medicine - Damascus University

    2000-2018 Lecturer in the Department of Surgery - Division of Burns and Plastic Surgery, Mouwasat University Hospital

    1989-1991 Teacher in charge and Supervisor in Burns and Plastic Surgery Department, Mouwasat University Hospital


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    Mobile: (094) 457-5355