Mouhannad Alabed

  • International Institute for Aerospace Survey & Earth Sciences (ITC).  Technologist Course of Photogrammetry, the Netherlands - Enschede (1984 - 1985).
  • English Course, Upper Intermediate Level, Bell School, England - Norwich (1984).
  • Training Course as an Operator on Traster (Analytical Stereo plotter), Matra Co., France - Paris (1983).
  • Intermediate Engineering Institute, Damascus University, Land Surveying (1979 - 1981).

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    • 2021-now Secretary of the Scientific Research Council of Al-Sham Private University
    • Administration: (9/2018 – Present) Supervisor of the University Site. Coordinating with the team of the site for best appearance, and uploading the resumes of all the academic staff through certain template, in addition to their published researches. Moreover, attend the meetings of the site team; supervise site tabs and direct the image optimization of Al-Sham Private University (ASPU) site.
    • Administration: (11/2016 – 9/2018) Executive Administration. Secretariat of Scientific Affairs Councils – Secretariat of grievance committees – coordination with researchers and studying published researches provided for scientific research reward – Checking papers to upgrade searchers to the top job, in addition to manipulating database of the records. Besides to university site electronic coordinator position, and academic student university system in certain prerogatives. The position was head office of Vice President for Scientific & Research Affairs at Syrian Private University (SPU).
    • Administration: (10/2015 – 10/2016) Executive Administration. Secretariat of Scientific deputy manager – in addition to control and supervise all over the colleges concerns and duties through there studying and examinations plans. The position was head office of Vice President for Scientific affairs at Yarmouk Private University (YPU).
    • Manufacturing Manager: (5/2005 – 9/2014)

    (5/2005 – 10/2007) Supervise and guide the parts of my Manufacturing production sections which are Data Entry, ATM cards personalization, PIN mailing, delivery, Security and Marketing, I look after their needs in order to keep carrying on the work.

    (11/2007 - 12/2010) I coordinate with all "CBS" branches in Syria making their customers data entry and my team control it remotely in order to issue their ATM cards and deliver it properly.

    (1/2011 – 9/2014) I was working as manufacturing production manager concerning the aspects "Group leader, Planning, Supervision, and Executive Administration" in Electronic Fund Transaction Department at Commercial Bank of Syria (CBS).

    • Manufacturing Manager: (6/2002 - 8/2003) & (10/2004 - 5/2005) Production digital maps by using aerial photographs on the analytical stereo plotters, I was head of team at General Organization of Remote Sensing (GORS), Geographical Information System "GIS" Department.
    • Early childhood educators and assistants: (8/2003 - 10/2004) Preparing Exams folders for each student in all grades from the kindergarten to the 9th grade, day by day, in addition to controlling the examination hall during the exams and supervise the assistants as an Exam Officer. Over all the type of job was Exams Management at International School of Choueifat.
    • Manufacturing Manager: (6/1982 - 6/2002) Production digital maps by using aerial photographs on the (Analytical Stereo plotter) Traster, I was head of Photogrammetric team at Scientific Studies & Research Center (SSRC), in Remote Sensing Department. The job was concerning a lot of scientific aims starting by Land Surveying ending with digital Photogrammetry. In addition to the technical library as part of my responsibilities to follow up the last published articles in the scientific mission wanted.
    • Land surveying: (8/1981 - 4/1982) Started my first trial with KARA Company in the holy Makkah as Land surveyor where I shared in building a side road junction, beside measuring distances related to Arafat area.


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