ASPU Faculty of Law Students Visit Criminal Security Department

Under the patronage of ASPU President Dr. Sharif Al-Ashkar, and the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ammar Al-Terkawi, Dean of the Faculty of Law, and Dr. Muhammad Qirbash, Vice Dean, students of the Faculty of Law made a scientific visit to the Criminal Security Department, where Director of the Criminal Security Department Hussein Jumaa, gave explanations about the department work process.

The visit covered the Cybercrime Prevention Branch, the Anti-Forgery Branch, the Interpol Branch, the Investigation Branch, and the Criminal Investigation Branch. Also visited were the Forensic Evidence Branch and the fingerprint testing laboratories, the ballistics test laboratory, the forgery and counterfeiting laboratory, the imaging laboratory, the DNA test laboratory, the Moral Protection Branch, and the Juvenile Protection Branch.

At the end of the visit, Dr. Al-Terkawi presented the Director of the Criminal Security Department with a certificate of thanks and appreciation for his efforts to make the visit a success.

ASPU administration thanks the Dean, the director of the Criminal Security Department and its officers , wishing  continued success for all members  of  the work team .