ASPU Fifth Patch of Students Graduated

Under the patronage of Baath Party assistant secretary general Hilal Al-Hilal, and the the presence of several members of the party’s central leadership, Dr. Bassam Ibrahim, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Fayez Estefan, member of the NUSS executive office several  party and state attendees  and heads of popular and professional organizations, ASPU has celebrated  the graduation  of the 5th batch of its students from various faculties for the academic year 2020-2021, at the Opera Theater in Dar Al-Assad for Culture and  the Arts.

On behalf of the graduates, student Zina Muhammad Yasser Habbab from the Faculty of Law, said that the student and the soldier are among the greatest men the nation has ever produced. With glory and pride in the heights of heaven.

In his speech, Head of ASPU branch of the NUSS branch Majd Al-Hamad, stressed the role of played by the NUSS as a contributor and assistant to students in their educational attainment, in enabling them to employ their knowledge in order to build the country, and in standing by our army and students to solve all hindering problems and overcome impeding difficulties.

In his speech, ASPU President. Dr. Sharif Al-Ashkar, conveyed to the students and their families the warmest congratulations and blessings, stressing the quest of the university to remain a great educational platform that rises day after day, to achieve together the saying that everyone knows “it was a dream… and today it has become the size of the nation.”

He added, this academic year has been a special year for ASPU  due to the many developments that have occurred in its educational, administrative, student and service reality, thanks to  its expansion, modernization and follow-up of all its issues in one way or another, and as everyone knows, that the university is represented by all its cadres.

Dr. Bassam Ibrahim, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, has commended ASPU efforts and congratulated the graduate students, their families, and the university’s staff, including professors and administrators, for the fruits of this great effort that was made, enabling    students to achieve this excellence.

Also recommended were the new graduates on the need of practicing their profession, whatever their specializations, with high patriotism and sincerity, to strive towards the development of their country, and to maintain contact with their professors and their university, noting the NUSS support for addressing all university students concerns and problems at the meetings of the Higher Education Council.

Mr.  Al-Hilal, stressed that the end of the school stage marks the beginning of a successive stage that requires greater knowledge and  more efforts, noting that the new graduates  should focus their efforts in researches and  renewed advancement, and that their motive be that they live in the age of the Syrian miracle and the era of the leader, the maker of history, His Excellency President Bashar al-Assad, who has become a symbol for challenging what everyone thought was unchallengeable and the maker of victories when everyone thought that victory was impossible.


The graduation ceremony included students from the faculties of law, administrative sciences, informatics engineering, international relations and diplomacy, in addition to the first batches of students from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Dentistry in Damascus.

The ceremony included artistic performances by the orchestra and choir led by Maestro Adnan Fathallah and the Gulnar artistic band.

At the end of the evening, honorary shields were presented to the sponsor of the ceremony, the Minister of Higher Education and the NUSS representative and the graduates and top students from all faculties.

To watch the full video and live broadcast of the ceremony, please follow the link below:

ASPU administration is proud of its graduates and wishes all graduated students great success in their academic and professional lives.