ASPU Council Decisions for Ensuring Health Safety for Students and Employees

Chaired by Dr. Yasser Hourieh, ASPU council  discussed during its meeting on Wednesday, May 13, 2020   measures taken by the university administration to ensure  health safety of students and employees. The measures, among many others, include sterilizing buildings, classrooms, laboratories, offices, corridors, bathrooms, and all related facilities, providing temperature measuring devices in sufficient numbers for all university campuses, preparing persons- sterilization rooms for all campuses, materials and devices for sterilizing hands, and maintaining  social distancing for students, especially in classrooms and laboratories.

 Emphasis was placed on carrying out practical sessions for all courses, intensifying theoretical lectures, delegating faculty management and professors of courses to fix  date of exams   for each course in coordination with students, adopting the amended university calendar for both  the second semester and  summer semester, and appointing teaching assistants for all faculties.

Participants in the meeting adopted several decisions including  registering  scientific researches  for several professors, adopting books in the curricula of various faculties , and approving requests for authoring university books under various subjects .

The participants  concluded by emphasizing that ASPU deans to take all arrangements that ensure the health safety of students and secure the appropriate atmosphere for re-launching  the educational process , and the need for students and employees to wear masks while in faculties.