Dr. Hourieh for Developing a New Vision for ASPU

ASPU President Dr.  Yasser Hourieh, has presided over a quarterly meeting with the university's deans, heads of directorates and employees, with the aim of setting a new vision for the university during the coming years.


Dr. Hourieh noted the development taken place at the university at the academic and administrative levels, which brought her to the membership of the Federation of Arab Universities and the International Universities Federation, besides having a remarkable model in administrative performance.

He talked about the new projects undertaken by the university by providing new headquarters with the latest equipment to ensure comfort for students.

He gave his instructions to ensure optimal exams process by controlling fraud cases, and providing the necessary facilities for students to ensure that exams are run comfortably.

Then, several managers and employees were honored for their efforts in developing the university's work, commitment and outstanding performance.