ASPU Students Attend People's Assembly Session to Approve State Budget

Several students of ASPU’s Faculty of Administrative Sciences and faculty  professors attended People's Assembly (PA) session in order to communicate directly with decision-makers and integrate theory with the practice to enhance educational process provided by the university to its students.

Following the session, PA Speaker Hamouda Sabbagh welcomed the students and briefed them on the PA work mechanism. He noted the debates made by PA members, especially in regard to the state’s general budget, pinting to the importance of the PA  efforts in approving draft laws.

PA President  stressed that youth are the promising future for Syria and that they will build a renewed and stable Syria and contribute to the reconstruction of what was destroyed by the unjust war on our homeland.

 For their part, the students thanked  the PA Speaker and members  for providing them the  opportunity for this useful and important visit.