Second Batch of ASPU –Lattakia Faculties Graduated

ASPU-Lattakia faculties held a special ceremony at Dar al-Assad for Culture in Lattakia, on the occasion of graduating the second batch of students of the faculties of law and administrative sciences.

The ceremony was attended by member of the Party’s Central Command  Dr. Mohsen Bilal, deputy minister of higher education, Dr. Shukri Baba, several party and state  officials, members of  ASPU Board of Trustees and deans of faculties.

In a speech, Dr. Bilal congratulated the graduates and their families for this great occasion, and expressed great  hope in them coupled with the highest expectation for serving their homeland, stressing the need to continue learning and scientific research.

For his part, Mr. Baba stressed that ASPU always strives to create an ideal environment despite all the circumstances that Syria is going through, noting the need that graduates should continue to raise their scientific achievements, and to be the best example of a conscious Syrian youth.

ASPU President Dr. Yasser Hourieh, talked about the stages of the university's development and its scientific and geographical expansion, pointing out that it has become a solid scientific monument located in Damascus and Lattakia.

He stressed ASPU progress in gaining scientific development, while achieving the academic accreditation standards in the Ministry of Higher Education, pointing to continuous efforts to meet highest  international scientific standards.

Head of the National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS), ASPU branch, Majd Hamad  stressed support for the students in their scientific career, pointed out that the graduates have the right to be proud of their scientific achievements attained through their relentless  efforts over the years of study.

First outstanding graduate, Hala Nasser, said that learning at ASPU has been a distinctive experience and an interesting journey on the path of acquiring science and knowledge.

She extended hanks to ASPU administration and educational staff for giving students the helping hands in attaining success.

The ceremony included artistic performances presented by Ugarit Theater Dance troupe, and a promo highlighting ASPU achievements was screened.

Then, outstanding  graduate students were honored.