1. Objectives :

The Faculty of Law aims to prepare and build graduate character for  professional performance

in all areas of legal sciences . It embarks on boosting researches  by methods of analysis

deduction and comparison, as well as providing  students  with practical skills for drafting

memos, regulations , decisions and contracts.

The  Faculty of Law also aims to provide  students with  research skills through encouraging

them compiling  legal books and studies in the light of social, economic and political

developments. One of the of Faculty of Law main objectives is serving social issues  through

convening seminars, lectures,  and providing  training for all  those involved in law enforcement,

as well as in  being  concerned committee members  and  in providing  legal advice to

government  state  agencies.

2. Message:

The Faculty of Law overall message is an integral part of al-Sham University  mission  which

seeks to serve society and  raise  intellectual awareness of its people.  It  also seeks to develop

competencies for a leading and active role, and raise the level of performance to record levels in

terms of professional and ethical behavior in accordance with global and  national reliability and  

quality standards.

3. Vision :

The faculty of law vision can be summed up in  achieving excellence  in scientific research and

educational process in various branches  of legal sciences, so as enabling society  maintain

justice, by implementing legal rules , so as every one to enjoy  fair judiciary and the rule of law,

as well as developing  personal  traits  in a competitive environment that  live up the faculty to

the level  international peers.

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