Article 1- Message of  Information Technology  Engineering Department:

(A) Education: Ensuring  specialized educational  engineering programs , with an excellent

recognized learning environment so that graduates possess high professional experience and  

basic engineering learning .

(B) Research: Ensuring  high-level research , where university   professors , researchers and

students are able to conduct  researches  in basic and applied engineering  and exploration  

fields and  disseminate culminated knowledge.

(C)-Community service: interaction with the community and involving in  development of the

domestic software industry, so as to maintain the country’s  social and economic development.

Article 2.  Objectives:

The set objective is to teach an advanced curriculum in computer engineering, and rehabilitate

qualified engineers for  market positions  and for boosting local and  global technical

development, alike. The department, moreover, is  keen to keep up updating  continuously  with

global technological discoveries .

Article 3. Vision

The aim is  to improve the scientific standard  through adopting  latest scientific teaching

methods by using  laboratories and modern teaching methods  ,using  computers and modern  

informatics sophisticated means , setting  laboratories for  researchers, and outlining  future

plans to open  master's degree in computer engineering in  coming years.

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