Article 1: Objectives

1. Rehabilitation of  specialists in the field of International Relations and Diplomacy.

2. Create an elitist base of graduates that combines the concept of nationalism and patriotism

and practicing   politics and diplomacy.

3. Providing  society with  national  cadres , specialized  in regional and world issues, and able to

deal with them effectively.

4. Focusing  on intellectual and social  heritage and intellectual  contributions in the field of

international relations.

5. Building  student’s  specialized cultural and  intellectual character .

6. Boosting a scientific research culture  in international relations and diplomacy area.

7. Enhancing scientific cooperation with other  universities and academic institutions, especially

in international relations and diplomacy .

8. Strengthening  cooperation with ministries and public and private institutions concerned ,  

and other international bodies and organizations .

9. Organizing  training and specialized courses in  international relations and diplomacy area .

10. Providing  society with a group of alumni,  mastering foreign languages ​​and optimal use of

computers and information technology, and enjoy a high degree of diplomacy and the rules of

diplomatic protocol.

Article 2: overall message:

     The faculty of International Relations and Diplomacy seeks to prepare and qualify

distinguished scientific skills, that are able to play an active role in the political and diplomatic

spheres, so that they form a synonym for decision-making positions at the national and

international levels, and a tool to improve the performance of delegates and employees at

international organizations and diplomatic bodies, and cope with international changes,


Article 3: The vision of the college:

     Developing  work in the field of international relations and diplomacy and graduation of

qualified  and trained cadres that are  able to keep up with global developments in the political

and diplomatic spheres, playing  an active role in various national, regional and global positions ,

and achieving excellence  in the field of scientific research.

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