Message : Transfer and dissemination of knowledge in various areas of science management through qualifying administrators, academics, and provide them with knowledge and skills , enabling them perform assigned tasks in the future, according to quality performance standards , so as providing local community and Arab institutions with competencies and cutting-edge technology educational programs.

 Program Objectives and Study Plan

1. Building student character and providing local community with eligible cadres ,capable of sound management of all types of institutions .

2. Prepare qualified graduates for higher studies and scientific researches, necessary to meet social needs in various business disciplines.

3. Developing various aspects of administrative ,marketing, financial and informational ideas.

4. Participating in the preparation of various applied research and field studies.

5. Communicate and interact with local, Arab, regional, and world colleges and universities concerned , to consolidate bilateral relations, in order to exchange experiences and boost development.

6. Directing students attention toward issues and problems hindering economic sectors and enabling them to overcome them for serving social interest.

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