Faculty Dean

Building a successful human being able to keep pace with the developments and requirements of the age has become a major challenge and a pivotal goal for all peoples and nations of different cultures and levels of development.

Based on our firm conviction that lofty goals are only attainable through concerted efforts, and that good results can only emerge from valid strategies, most of our interest in ASPU  is to provide the student with a solid scientific foundation,  based on high-level scientific cadres and integrated study plans commensurate with Local and international university curricula.

Our permanent ambition is to prepare a successful pharmacy student both scientifically and practically, able to confidently engage in the professional and research work market wherever he is.

It remains our ultimate goal that our students in ASPU , contribute effectively to building a promising future for our beloved country, Syria.


  Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy                                                                   

Prof. Rama Ibrahim                                                       






Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy

    Prof. Rama IBRAHIM