Faculty Dean:

    Although the Faculty of International and Diplomatic Relations at Al-Sham Private University was recently established, it soon gained a good reputation in this field. It is the only faculty in the field of international relations and diplomacy at the level of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Therefore, the faculty strives to reflect the great objectives for the sake of which it was established, including:

Preparing corps and graduates in the field of international relations to work in the public and private sectors, by providing them with intellectual and practical skills to contribute to the process of building of the nation and to enhance the culture of critical thinking, which is a requirement for the transition to the future.

If you want to join the diplomatic corps or work in international organizations or strategic research centers and media, the Faculty of International Relations is the best option in this area to provide you and prepare you well for everything you need in your career.

Because our faculty has a program similar to international programs in terms of the study plan, and training courses.

The faculty always seeks to combine the best academic and practical expertise in order to develop its academic program to keep up with international updates.

Dean of the Faculty of International Relations and Diplomacy

                                                 Dr. Khaled al-Masry