In cooperation with the administrative office of the National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS), ASPU held a lecture entitled “Political Approach in International Relations" delivered by Mr. Hadi Teshkiri, Cultural Attaché of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus

After the attendees observed a minute of silence commemorating the souls of Syria's martyrs and the Syrian national anthem was played, Prof. Yasser Houriya, ASPU President highlighted Iran’s supportive stance towards Syria and its humanitarian role in restoring the legitimate rights of all struggling peoples.

He stressed that the alliance of resistance against Zionist - American schemes will address the hostile hegemony, noting that the heroism of the Syrian army and its steadfastness and rendered sacrifices made by the army martyrs, for a fully unified Syria.

Mr. Teskhiri pointed out the need to establish policy approaches and international relations by creating a common platform that would benefit all parties.

He referred to the Islamic Republic's negotiations with the G5 + 1 regarding the nuclear program, pointing out how Iran managed to reflect the approximate policy in these negotiations, which resulted in the nuclear agreement, stressing that the US withdrawal from this agreement will be reflected negatively on all parties.

He stressed that the political and economic pressures imposed on Iran will not undermine its might, because it is immune against conspiracies, adding that Iran does not want to have war with any party, but believes in a peaceful living with others that serves the interests of the parties in the world.

Discussions and interventions focused on how to implement these policies under Western Zionist hegemony over the international community. 

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