On the occasion of Martyrs' Day, and under the patronage of chairman of the Party’s Higher education regional Bureau Dr. Mohsen Bilal, ASPU held a ceremony honoring its student martyrs and their families

The ceremony began with a minute of silence in commemoration of the souls of the country’s and the national anthem was played.

In his speech President of ASPU, Dr. Yasser Houriya stressed that homeland need sacrifices and its soil must be drained with the blood of its sons in order to preserve its dignity and independence. He stressed that martyrdom is the greatest of values and that we have learned from the founding leader Late President Hafez al-Assad, that “martyrs are the noblest of men.

“We will not forget on this occasion the martyrs of the Syrian Arab Army, who make sacrifices every day in order so we enjoy a dignified life”, Dr. Houriya said, adding “we must celebrate the value of martyrdom, honor the martyrs and never forget ASPU martyrs who were assassinated by terrorist’s missiles, the students of administrative sciences faculty Bilal Diqmaq, and the Pharmacy faculty student Raghad Nasrallah, whose memories will remain immortal in ASPU history “.

He then read the decision taken by ASPU Council provides for granting the two dismissed students an honorary university degree.

At the end of the ceremony, material assistance and graduation certificates were given to the families of the two martyr students and certificates of appreciation and thanks to army martyrs sons and relatives.

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